The Rhythm Experiments

Walking Rhythm

A great way to practice basic rhythm is to walk in time with a metronome. Anyone who’s been in marching band  knows what it’s like to walk in time. This is actually a great way to get rhythm in your body. The more you can make it a part of you, the easier it is. Greg Patillo and Project Trio’s Teacher Workshops employ this technique among others to bring fundamentals and creativity together. I’m a big fan of their process. They also have summer workshops for students that I highly recommend.

Metronome Practice

I’m the first to say practicing with a metronome can be difficult and frustrating. That’s a big reason  I try to find as many ways as I can to turn it into a game.

Clapping Music by Steve Reich

This is a challenging but fun way to work on changing rhythms. Something that starts out very simply gets complex very quickly. I like the app he created to help practice. You can find it here for iPad and iPhone.

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