Flute Studio


I teach private and group lessons on fife (for the youngest students), flute, piccolo, traverso, and recorder, for beginning to advanced students of all ages. I offer students the opportunity to participate in a yearly recital, programs like Certificate of Merit, and other resources.

Also, ask me about online lessons, and need-based scholarships.

I offer an introductory lesson so we can get to know each other. Please contact me for details on pricing, location in the Bay Area and scheduling:


Beginning Students

Children younger than 6 years of age should start with a fife or recorder to accommodate their smaller size.There are smaller versions of the silver flute for children as young a 3 years old.
I recommend a 30 min. lesson for these students, or potentially a group lesson with children of similar age range.

For students 7 to 12 years old, I recommend a full hour lesson, though shorter lessons are possible. I tailor each lesson to the individual student and their particular needs. Younger students will get frequent small breaks and careful observance of their engagement level and attention span. I prefer the hour lesson because I see them only once a week. It is important to spend adequate time with not only the technical demands of playing the flute, but music reading, listening, and other activities to balance the discipline needed to learn an instrument. It’s always important to have a conversation about the best way to meet the individual need.

I’ve had students who started learning the flute at all ages, and I firmly believe it’s never too late to start, or to pick it back up after sitting on the shelf for a while. (Even if a while has been years!)

I’m happy to have a conversation about what instrument to buy. It’s always dependent on budget, availability, and goals. Please visit my Instrument Review page to get some general guidelines.

Intermediate and Advanced Students

For Intermediate students I recommend a full hour lesson, though shorter lessons are possible. For advanced students, I generally only give an hour lesson. This is due to the increased needs of the advanced student for maintaining skill level and to progress.

The goals of each individual student determine the course of lessons. My goals is to present the right music and opportunities for each student to give them the skills they desire. All students will receive instruction in flute technique, musicality, music theory, sight-reading, and ensemble playing.

Please visit the Student Recourses page for listings of recommended camps, competitions, and ensembles.

Conservatory Prep Program

This program is not for everyone. It is more intensive and requires a strong commitment to preparing for conservatory auditions, youth orchestra auditions, summer institute participation, and/or competitions depending on the student’s chosen focus. This program requires an audition for entrance, and involves participation in masterclasses, recitals, and auditions. This involves a time commitment greater than a weekly lesson, and a practice schedule that will allow for adequate preparation for these ambitious goals.

The program follows the audition guidelines of major institutions like Julliard, Manhattan School of Music, Colburn, and the San Francisco Conservatory. However, the program may be tailored to a focus on solo performance, orchestral auditions, competition preparation, or other goals. Results are not guaranteed, but this program will provide the structure to give the student every opportunity to succeed.

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